Regarding Mariners second baseman/Prime Minister of Smooth Robinson Cano, the present author recently sent out the following internet dispatch …

Cano on pace to play at least 160 games for fifth time in his career. On pace to play at least 156 games for 10th straight season.

— Dayn Perry (@daynperry) September 6, 2016

Yes, it requires toughness and dedication to be such a reliable bell-answerer, but it also requires a preternatural knack for knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em.

For evidence of Mr. Cano’s timely sense of chill, please regard his work in the following 5-4-3 from early in Seattle’s Monday night non-consensual paddling of the Angels …

Excelsior! What time is it? For Robinson Cano, the time is always “Play it as it lies o’clock.” Cano surveyed the baseball circumstances before him, back-strolled away from an oncoming Mike Trout like

Kwai Chang Caine

sleepily leaning away from an oncoming yet boring punch. Then he took note of the fact that a mid-30s Albert Pujols was promenading up the baseline and lobbed the ball to first as though releasing a dove from his hand.

The following color-television angle sacrifices some of the chill but is heavy on Dave Sims’ appreciation of said chill …

Know who’s doing all right when it comes to doing all right? Robinson Cano. Robinson Cano is doing all right when it comes to doing all right.