All the
Washington Redskins
needed to do was beat a Giants team with nothing to play for, and they couldn’t even manage that, laying a massive egg at home against the Giants, losing 20-10 after a potential game-winning drive from
Kirk Cousins
came up woefully short.

The loss sends the Redskins to 8-7-1 on the season and guarantees that Washington cannot make the postseason for the second-straight year. There might be some chatter about Cousins’ contract considering how he played and the horrible interception he threw.

Washington’s loss has a huge impact on the Sunday night game as well — both the Packers and Lions clinched playoff spots as a result of the loss (they both have nine wins already). The Sunday night affair is now all about seeding and the division title.

Elsewhere, a
Oakland Raiders
loss sends Oakland reeling to the No. 5 spot instead of the No. 2 seed in the AFC, which is now occupied by the
Kansas City Chiefs

AFC: Who’s in

1. (*)
New England Patriots

The Patriots beat the
Miami Dolphins
on Sunday to clinch home field throughout the playoffs.

2. (x) Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

The Chiefs beat the
San Diego Chargers
and moved into the No. 2 spot as a result of the Raiders losing. The Chiefs get a first-round bye.

3. (y)
Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers beat the
Cleveland Browns
in overtime but had already clinched the No. 3 seed anyway. Pittsburgh will host Miami in the first round.

4. (y)
Houston Texans

Houston lost to Tennessee on Sunday but was locked into the No. 4 seed regardless. The Texans will host the Raiders in the first round.

5. (x) Oakland Raiders (12-4)

The Raiders lost to the
Denver Broncos
on Sunday afternoon, which means they fall to the No. 5 seed as a result of the Chiefs holding the head-to-head tiebreaker over them. They will play in Houston in the first round.

6. (x) Miami Dolphins (10-6)

Miami lost to the Patriots, guaranteeing the No. 6 seed and now will travel to Pittsburgh in the first round.

AFC: Who’s out


  • 7.
    Tennessee Titans
  • 8. Denver Broncos (8-7)
  • 9.
    Baltimore Ravens
  • 10.
    Indianapolis Colts
  • 11.
    Buffalo Bills
  • 12.
    Cincinnati Bengals
  • 13. San Diego Chargers (5-10)
  • 14.
    New York Jets
  • 15.
    Jacksonville Jaguars
  • 16. Cleveland Browns (1-15)

x – clinched playoff berth, y – denotes division winner z – denotes first-round bye * – denotes No. 1 seed

NFC: Who’s in

1. (*)
Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys clinched the No. 1 seed before this week, guaranteeing they a first-round bye and the opportunity to host all their playoff games at JerryWorld.

2. (y)
Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta took care of business against the
New Orleans Saints
to secure the No. 2 seed in the NFC. They get a first-round bye in the playoffs and hold homefield advantage over everyone but the Cowboys.

3. (y)
Seattle Seahawks

Seattle took care of San Francisco in order to secure the No. 3 seed. They will host the loser of Detroit or Green Bay in the first round of the playoffs.

4. (x)
Green Bay Packers

Green Bay clinched a playoff spot with Washington’s loss and now plays Detroit on Sunday night, with the winner taking the NFC North and the No. 4 seed.

5. (x)
New York Giants

The Giants are secure in the No. 5 seed but knocked Washington out of the playoffs on Sunday afternoon just for fun.

6. (x)
Detroit Lions

Detroit clinched a playoff berth with Washington’s loss and is playing the Packers on Sunday night with the NFC North title on the line.

NFC: Who’s out


  • 7.
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 8. Washington Redskins (8-7-1)
  • 9.
    Minnesota Vikings
  • 10. New Orleans Saints (7-8)
  • 11.
    Philadelphia Eagles
  • 12.
    Arizona Cardinals
  • 13.
    Carolina Panthers
  • 14.
    Los Angeles Rams
  • 15.
    Chicago Bears
  • 16.
    San Francisco 49ers

x – clinched playoff berth, y – denotes division winner z – denotes first-round bye * – denotes No. 1 seed