Just days
after signing a two-year deal with the
Raiders, Cordarrelle Patterson is already trying to recruit new players to the team.

The former Vikings receiver started the recruiting process on Thursday night by sending out a tweet to an old teammate: Adrian Peterson. 

Darth Vader definitely approves of that recruiting pitch. 

Peterson hasn’t responded yet, but it’s probably safe to say that if he did respond, it would go something like this, “TELL THEM TO CALL ME.” 

Over the past week, the former Vikings running back
has made it clear that the Raiders
are one of the few teams that he’d actually be interested in signing with. The problem for Peterson — and Patterson — is that the Raiders don’t
really seem to be interested
in the 31-year-old running back right now. 

As a matter of fact, Peterson is currently so low on the Raiders’ free agency wish list that he’s actually behind player who didn’t even play last year: Marshawn Lynch. 

The Raiders
are hoping to lure Lynch out of retirement
, something that Beast Mode seems to be interested in. There are
several obstacles standing in the way
of a potential Lynch signing — most importantly, the Seahawks own his rights — which means the Raiders might not be able land Beast Mode. 

If the Lynch plan falls through, the Raiders might follow Patterson’s lead and invite Peterson to Oakland. 


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