Keeping up with positional eligibility can be tough. There are 30 teams setting 30 different lineups every single day, not to mention in-game changes for every single one. It can be daunting to track.

Getting ahead of a big position eligibility change can be a big key to Fantasy success, so keeping track of who is on the verge of a new position is huge. In leagues, a player needs five appearances at a new position to gain eligibility, which can sometimes happen in a week, like we saw with a slew of players gaining new eligibility in recent days.

Or, it can be a slow burn; one game here, another two there, and all of a sudden, someone is unexpectedly on the verge of a new position. We’re seeing that now with Carlos Santana, a former catcher-turned-first baseman who had appeared in just one game in the outfield (back in 2012) before logging three starts there in the last week. He needs just two games there, which could be a nice boon to his value if he makes a couple of more appearances.

We’ll keep track of the Fantasy relevant position changes every week, and keep an eye on who is close enough to be worth watching. 

Gained eligibility this week

  • Second base is a lot deeper today than it was when we drafted.
  • Villar isn’t off to a great start, but he now has eligibility at each infield position except for 1B. There aren’t many players who give you more flexibility.
  • One is, of course, Ramirez, who doesn’t have SS eligibility, but brings OF eligibility with him instead.
  • Miller is now eligible at each spot in the infield except 3B, and it’s a lot easier to justify using him in one of your middle infield spots than at first base. He should be starting somewhere for you. 

1 game away from eligibility

  • Unfortunately, Turner won’t get his SS eligibility for at least another week-plus, as he hit the 10-day DL this week.  
  • Pearce potentially gaining outfield eligibility is less interesting than the fact that the Orioles have made a point of getting him in the lineup, as he started four of the team’s first five games. He hasn’t hit well yet, but he has hits .267/.347/.493 over the last three seasons, and could hit 20-plus homers if he keeps playing this often.
  • Having watched Adams in the outfield, it pretty clearly isn’t a workable long-term option, and he hasn’t really hit enough to justify an everyday role. He needs an injury or, perhaps two, to really matter for Fantasy. 

2 games away from eligibility

  • Santana gaining outfield eligibility would be a pretty big break, and a pretty unexpected one to boot. He’s a fine first base option, but he typically comes in right around the periphery of the starting caliber, so getting outfield eligible would give some much-needed flexibility to your lineup.
  • We’ve talked about the Brewers’ lineup issues, and they’re going to have guys eligible all over the field with the way Craig Counsell is balancing things. Still, Perez and Thames need things to settle down a bit to have enough value to be worth starting every day, so the team’s flexibility isn’t necessarily a plus yet. 

3 games away from eligibility

  • Third base is the last place we need more depth, especially since Forsythe is a pretty fringe-y option at second as it is. He’d be more interesting as either a MI or CI option, which isn’t bad.
  • Neither Healy nor Sano would gain much value with 1B eligibility added, but as with Forsyth, it’s not a bad thing to have. Both are more like CI options, but having 3B and 1B eligibility makes both nice injury insurance as well. 


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