Mike Hamersky, the New York Knicks fan who got in a
verbal altercation
with owner James Dolan outside Madison Square Garden last week — that’s a nice way of saying he yelled at Dolan to sell the team and Dolan then got in his face and called him “an a——,” then had his security detail follow him, according to Hamersky — is having a hard time renewing his season tickets. Hamersky told ESPN’s Ian Begley that his ticket representative isn’t even talking to him anymore:

Mike Hamersky, the Knicks fan who was involved in run-in with Knicks owner James Dolan last week, says that he was unable to reach his ticket representative today to renew his season tickets. He says he attempted to contact the representative several times today. He also says he was also unable to log in to his account on the website to renew his ticket package electronically. Hamersky called a ticket representative and was able to re-set his password but then found that there was no option to renew for next year on his account. In an attempt to clarify the situation, Hamersky called the number again twice and the call was disconnected after he reached a representative. The Garden officially said they had no comment when asked if Hamersky would be permitted or prohibited from renewing his season tickets.

This is more than a little fishy, and it’s extra messed up because the Knicks appeared to have got in the way of him keeping his seats before the deadline to do so, per the New York Post‘s Marc Berman:

The deadline for keeping the same seats is Tuesday. Mike Hamersky told The Post his attempts were rebuffed when a Knicks phone agent put him on hold twice, then he got disconnected. The third time, after saying his name, he was hung up on.

Hamersky, a 35-year-old attorney from Astoria, said he earlier tried to renew online but claimed he was frozen out of his account. He also said he had not had any emails returned to him, and a call to his individual ticket agent went to voicemail.

“If they’re revoking my tickets at least have the courtesy to tell me,” Hamersky told The Post.

If this was indeed a deliberate effort to punish Hamersky, then it’d be arrogant to assume he wouldn’t tell reporters about it. The crazy thing about this is that it will only turn Hamersky into more of a folk hero among Knicks fans who are increasingly fed up with Dolan after another disastrous season and the Charles Oakley nonsense. 

Oakley, by the way, was
arraigned on Tuesday on a misdemeanor assault charge
and other charges from his incident at Madison Square Garden in February. He is fighting the charges and insists he did nothing wrong. 


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