On the same day Arsenal defeated Manchester United 2-0 to keep its hopes of Champions League qualification alive, star Alexis Sanchez discussed his future a bit. The Chilean international, who joined Arsenal from Barcelona three years ago, has been linked with Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and others, and the possibility of an exit seems to have been fueled by the Gunners likely missing out on Champions League play next year. The club is in sixth place in the Premier League with an outside shot of finishing in the top four. 

Sanchez said his future is not on his mind at the moment. 

“What I want to do now is to finish the season well, try to qualify for the Champions League, win the FA Cup and then I’ll sit down with the club to decide what I’m going to do,” Sanchez told Sky Sports. 

He was pressed about the situation one more time after manager Arsene Wenger said he expected Sanchez to re-sign with his contract expiring next year. 

“No, we’ve said that the two of us will sit down together to discuss the topic in terms of what will happen and what we’re going to do, what’s best for the club, what’s best for me, what’s best for him. We’ll speak once the season is over because if I speak now, that would take my focus away from what I want, which is qualifying for the Champions League and winning the FA Cup,” Sanchez said. 

Well, there are two ways to take this. One could be that he is being professional by saying he won’t comment on the matter as talks will be held this summer, which is how most will take it. The other is basically taking this as him admitting leaving is a possibility and that it could be what happens in the coming months.

Time and time again we have seen big stars pledge themselves to their clubs if they hold a special bond, like we’ve seen with the likes of Lionel Messi and Barca and Cristiano Ronaldo at Real Madrid. But that connection doesn’t seem to be there for Alexis and Arsenal. Though he has 24 goals in 43 matches and needs two more to set a career-high, he has showed
tons of immaturity off the field
that makes most feel there is a much better chance of him leaving than staying. 

But it looks like we won’t know that until some time in the summer months. 


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